Following last year’s success, VDDS is excited to once again offer The Prize Draw for January 31 2020 – designed to increase traffic flow to your Table Top!

Dear Exhibitors!

We encourage you to participate in the 2020 Prize Draw, designed to increase traffic flow to your Table! Here is how it works …

  1. Bring a Prize, along with a PDF in a plastic display holder, to display at YOUR Table.
  2. Your Prize can be anything … a wine basket, gift certificate, product, CE course or service. Have fun – be creative! It does not have to be anything to do with your company’s product/service. The goal is to entice attendees to visit your Table!
  3. Attendees must visit your Table between 8am – 4.30pm to enter to win your prize. Attendees should be present at the Show to win and pick up Prize.
  4. At 4.30pm, please do your Draw at your Table and Text the winner to come pick up the Prize! Winners must collect the Prize from you by 5.00pm.
  5. All unclaimed Prizes stay with the company, with the option for the company to follow up with the winner post Midwinter Meeting, or the company can re-draw a new winner during HAPPY HOUR, 5-8pm!
  6. Exhibitor to provide Prize item, drop box, entry forms and PDF in an acrylic sign holder to display at YOUR Table.
  7. Your PDF should include the company name/logo and/or picture of your prize item, and a brief description if needed.
  8. Your entry form should ask for their full name, email and mobile (so you can text them when they win!)