Life Membership is awarded to long-standing VDDS Members who have practiced the profession of dentistry for 45 years or more, and/or who have made outstanding contributions to the dental profession.

September 24, 2018, Members gathered at the Arbutus Club for the VDDS AGM. This year, Life Membership was bestowed upon Dr. Jim Tanaka, Dr. Doug Nielsen, Dr. Susan Chow, Dr. Bob Jamieson and Dr. John Diggens.

No new Life Members in 2019.

VDDS is proud to honour the following dentists:

  • Dr. George S. Beagrie
  • Dr. Lee R. Busse
  • Dr. Hing Chanpong
  • Dr. Larry Cheevers
  • Dr. Charles B. Chow
  • Dr. J. Lionel Fishman
  • Dr. Rex E. Fortescue
  • Dr. Arthur A. Fraser
  • Dr. Saul B. Gelfand
  • Dr. Karl H. Gemeinhardt
  • Dr. Earl V. Gowda
  • Dr. Dan Green
  • Dr. Wayne Halstrom
  • Dr. Arthur M. Hayes
  • Dr. Ralph T. Hislop
  • Dr. Peter R. Hupfau
  • Dr. Robin Jackson
  • Dr. Gordon M. Jinks
  • Dr. Lionel Jinks
  • Dr. Michael Kaburda
  • Dr. David Kennedy
  • Dr. Sid R. Kirson
  • Dr. Terry Kline
  • Dr. Kenneth K. Lee
  • Dr. Ming Shu Li
  • Dr. Don E. MacFarlane
  • Dr. Lloyd E. Mallin
  • Dr. Ron Markey
  • Dr. Charles D. (Chuck) Mielke
  • Dr. John More
  • Dr. Peter Munns
  • Dr. John N. Nasedkin
  • Dr. Ken Neuman
  • Dr. Egon Nikolai
  • Dr. W. Earle Nind
  • Dr. Robert E. Patton
  • Dr. John T. Roach
  • Dr. Arthur Ross
  • Dr. George S. Sakumoto
  • Dr. Ronald Scammell
  • Dr. Afsar A. Sherkat
  • Dr. W.R. Sproule
  • Dr. Janina Z. Stencel
  • Dr. Jon Strom
  • Dr. Richard Thorpe
  • Dr. Serge Vanry
  • Dr. Michael Wainwright
  • Dr. David D. Waterbury
  • Dr. Earl Winestock
  • Dr. Maurice K. Wong
  • Dr. Tom L. Wong
  • Dr. Edwin H. Yen (Hon.)
  • Dr. Jerry Hamovich
  • Ms. Gerri Randall (Hon.)
  • Dr. Sam Winter
  • Dr. Anthony Leung
  • Dr. Alex A. Lieblich
  • Dr. Jim Tanaka
  • Dr. Doug Nielsen
  • Dr. Susan Chow
  • Dr. John Diggens

We regret the loss in 2018 – 20 of VDDS Life Members

Dr. Richmond Cheng; Dr. A.B. Khan; Dr. Robert Jamieson; Dr. Ralph Irving Yorsh

All respected members played an active role in VDDS prior to their passing and will be missed by their colleagues.