The Dr. Paul Rondeau Memorial Lecture and bestowing of a Humanitarian Award (during the luncheon) is held to commemorate the life and contributions of Dr. Paul Rondeau, whose accidental death occurred during his term as President of VDDS. This prestigious Award is bestowed to a VDDS Member in good standing, nominated by peers for exceptional contribution to dentistry, and to the community as a whole.

Humanitarian Award Recipient (2020)

Recipient of the 2020 Dr. Paul Rondeau Memorial Humanitarian Award is Dr. Bhasker N. Thakore. Dr. Thakore graduated from UBC Dentistry and is a former faculty member at UBC. Dr. Thakore, together with his wife, Dr. Nimisha Mehta, have established a foundation at UBC which funds a Dental Residency program and charitable works in Vietnam, Haida Gwaii, and in East Vancouver. In addition, Dr. Thakore is a founding member of the Thakore Charitable Foundation — a foundation that acknowledges students and individuals whose work, time and philosophies reflect the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi’s teachings of tolerance, non-violence, and social justice. Dr. Thakore and Dr. Mehta have made a significant impact not only for UBC students but also with their global vision. Visit Thakore Foundation Visiting Scholar Award and Gandhi Student Peace Award.

Approved by the UBC Board of Governors in 2002, The Bhasker Thakore and Nimisha Mehta Community Development Endowment Fund was one of the first endowments established within UBC Dentistry and a catalyst to develop community programs and global education for dental students.

With the generous support of Drs. Thakore and Mehta, the endowment has supported international rotations for over 40 general practice residence and more than a dozen DMD students. UBC Dentistry students develop an appreciation for health disparities in developing countries such as Vietnam by sharing information on preventative care and research specific to cultural risk habits. Students are able to challenge their clinical and interprofessional skills outside the university environment and become global ambassadors to strengthen international partnerships. The international rotation is a platform for research initiatives through exposure to disease patterns outside North America. The knowledge exchange and sense of social responsibility gained from the experience would not be possible without the incredible commitment of the Bhasker Thakore and Nimisha Mehta Community Development Endowment Fund.

Dr. Thakore is not only an important part of history within UBC Dentistry but he continues to shape the future within the Faculty, profession and our dental community. (Photo: Left – VDDS President, Dr. James Cadigan; Right – Dr. Bhasker Thakore).

VDDS Award
UBC Faculty of Dentistry

The VDDS President’s Award for
Community Outreach and Volunteerism

Established by the Vancouver & District Dental Society, this prize is awarded on the recommendation of the UBC Faculty of Dentistry.

On October 16, 2019, Melody Lu was awarded the VDDS President’s Award.

Photo: Dr. Mary MacDougall, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, Melody Lu and Robyn McCorquodale, Executive Director, VDDS